Announcing BYOK Support for AWS and Azure

July 13, 2018 / by Megan Horner

Fornetix is proud to announce the availability of Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) support for both AWS and Azure Cloud Services.  This is made available through the Fornetix BYOK Orchestrator via APIs that allow the Fornetix Key Orchestration appliance to speak to cloud service providers in their preferred protocol for enhanced security of encryption keys 

The BYOK Orchestrator is compatible with both the virtual and physical versions of the Key Orchestration key management system (KMS) This 5-minute integration supports bulk encryption key uploads to your cloud's local key store and full key lifecycle management for your data residing in the cloud.  

Implement Key Orchestration with Benefits include:  

  • Unifiy encryption keys used in AWS and Azure with the rest of your organization’s keys for better reporting and management 
  • Easily upload all necessary keys simultaneously with the click of a button from the Key Orchestration web application 
  • Utilize keys in the cloud that have been wrapped with a third-party Master Encryption Key 


For more information on BYOK and AWS check out this recent blog post: Supporting BYOK within AWS with Fornetix Key Orchestration

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